Jorge Bana

"I'm just a landscaper, really..."


Occupation: Landscaper/Small Business Owner
Education: ??? He has some advanced education but has not disclosed it.

Height: 5’7"
Weight: 145 Lbs.
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Age: 30ish

Classes: Smart Hero/Field Scientist
Levels: 3/3

Heritage Owned:
- The Marbles
- The Metal Wings

Heritage Previously Owned
- The Magnifying Glass – Lens returned as a part of the ship.

Important Feats:
Combat Expertise
Personal Firearms Proficiency
Smart Plus

Important Skills:
Craft (chemical)
Knowledge (earth, life, and physical sciences)
Computer Use


Jorge is a real man of mystery. What is known is that he does not hail form the United States. He has some sort of higher education. He is wanted for questioning in Mexico in regards to some crime. He owns a small landscaping business which specializes in native and organic landscaping. He has three assistants: Pablo, Paco, and Enrique. It would also seem he is comfortable around successful clients and others of means.

Other than these things, Jorge is a closed book.

Intirian Ancestor: Officer Norami – “Defender” operator

Pictured below is an example of Jorge’s work for Kitty.

Jorge designs

Jorge Bana

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