D20 Modern: The Mystery of the Heritage

Command Meeting

We decided to invite the Colonel and his Major to be in on the Command meeting as long as Kitty Okay’s it.

That meeting is where we will start next time.

Here Come the Fraal...
Alien invasion version 1.3

After having visited And’liss Station the crew of the Vigilance learned of a Fraal fleet moving toward Earth. Vigilance immediately jumped into FTL and made for far terran orbit. There they discovered that the Fraal were in communication with the Earth and were spreading a message of peace after the Earth had shot at them.

Vigilance detected a small ship of Earth origin hiding behind the moon. This was the Prometheus. This military ship was launched for mysterious reasons and carries a strike team aboard it. In order to keep the military people safe they were brought on board the Vigilance.

Now the Vigilance has 20 highly trained military personnel aboard along with their food and weapons. Many questions remain. What should be done with the troops? How much can they be trusted? Is is a good idea to hand this over to the authorities as some around the ship are beginning to suggest?

Kitty is beginning to feel the pressure too. She feels responsible for the lives of all aboard this ship and is staring at the possibility of a war. She also is beginning to feel more alienated from her friends. This is stressing her out and could lead to some poor decisions…

List of folks from first pickup

Here is a link to the spreadsheet I created from our conversations so far. I will update it as we get more information.


New Crew
Well, you wanted recruits...

Crew 1

Crew 2

Buy Now!!
Character Enhancement

Ever needed that Feat or a few extra Skill Points? Who hasn’t… Here is how we can get through that messy business and keep on adventuring without waiting for those pesky levels.

Skill Points: 250 xp per Rank

1,000 xp for Basic Feats with no pre-req’s.
+ 350 xp for each pre-req Feat the Desired Feat requires.

Billy wants to buy Dodge to help him live longer as a Smart Hero. It is a Basic Feat and thus costs 1,000 xp to purchase. Later Billy decides he wants to buy Mobility. This has the pre-req of Dodge. This will cost him 1,350 xp.

One can also buy Base Class Talents from a Base Class the character has taken.

Cost: 1,000 xp for the Basic Talent.
+750 xp for each pre-req Talent listed.

Tactical Weapons Proficiency
Fire the Big Guns!!

Mg nutsPrerequisites: Advanced Firearms Proficiency

Fire any Tactical Weapon without a penalty. This includes weapons such as Mortars, Grenade Launchers, Heavy Machine Guns, Missile Launchers, and Flame Throwers.

Take a -4 Penalty anytime one uses one of the above weapons without having this Feat.

Why have this feat?
Because, most real-world soldiers who can use these weapons can use them fairly well without the need to be buying up Exotic Weapons feats all over the place.

Observation Dome Meeting

Where do we go from here?

Jorge was asking what’s next so Jane called a meeting of all hands.

Vigilance can communicate with them but not locate them. It suggested that the sensor can locate them on a map.

Darius and Kitty both mentioned that they don’t think there is a going back to our normal lives. Feel like Vigilance needs us here.

Terry is a bit undecided. Everyone one else seems to be on board.

Minimum skeleton crew compliment: Full bridge crew + 4 engineering. 12 total.
Etheric training. We can re-assign ranks via training.

Use Billy’s Translocation skills to move back and forth. The longer a distance is the harder so fromt he moon is likely possible but not practical.

Rebecca is not a descendant.

PC and NPC Initrian Ranks

List of our characters/NPCs and their ranks

Commander (Captain) – Deceased
Kitty – Superios (highest ranking)
Major – Unknown
Jane – Dravic, Star Infantry C/O
Saint Dravic, Star Infantry, Engineering Officer
Sam – Kravic – Intelligence Officer
Jorge – Officer – Defender Operator
Terry – Officer Medical Specialist

Enlisted Starman

Specialist, 1st degree
Brown – Specialist, 2nd Degree Engineering
Specialist, 3rd degree
McKay – Starman, Sanitation

Star Infantry
Darius – High Legate, Star Infantry
1st Spear
2nd Spear

Dermont Axelrod 3rd Spear – Star Infantry


Planning the Assault /distraction

Multiple Mission Objectives.
Deprive him of the Sub in some way.
Gather Information.
Jorge – Operation Distraction sicking the environmentalist on him/distraction.
Back up distraction make use of distraction – on-demand crisis.
Brown along – only one with working knowledge of submarines. Digital info = Brown as well.
Brown points out we may want to have several folks along to take directions.
All of us in disguise, use Kitty’s skills. Don’t like ourselves.

Entrance strategy to minimize loss of life. Same for ex-filtration strategy/chance of being detected.

Going – Jorge, Darius, Jane, Kitty, Brown, Clara, Sam
Going in to Gather information….Terry – back up distraction.

Uniforms and IDs. Brown has forgery.

A number of slips at a larger docking area. Fenced off and secured.
Solid plan well rolled. Only variable is what the environmentalists are going to do. Successfully bribed/bamboozled union.

Track phone video to send to the environmentalists and media as we are exiting.

Taking the obelisks up to SF. Road trip!! two cars. Sam has Darius and Clara.
My car Jorge and Kitty.

Kitty Redemption
A starlet's reputation salvaged.

With the information gathered by Walter Brown, Kitty went to her team of representatives. Dylan, her agressive and smitten attorney, has went to court and gotten a restraining order on TMZ. He has also issued a law suit for defamation of character.

Meanwhile her agent and her publicist have launched their own campaign. They are showing that she was not, indeed, a party to all of these activities. They do defend her new-found hobbies as in reaction to her recent breakup and violent encounters with Nick Vance.

Furthermore, they have had Kitty take a blood test and she passed with flying colors. A press conference was scheduled and Kitty read a statement. During this statement she expressed regret for any pain she caused with her affair. She stated that she is often guilty of letting her emotions lead her and that she will be seeking counseling for that. She also broke-down in tears in front of the press expressing how much pain and suffering she has undergone due to recent events.

TMZ issued a “no comment” response to all of this.


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